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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The wait

Wrote a poem after a long time! Blame it the lack of inspiration or my busy time or my negligence! I wrote this a day back and hope have done some justice... I felt, this one is not like my previous ones but wanted your view on it... Thanks :)

Her eyes
towards the road.
Every little sound
turns her head towards the door.

She knows
he is busy.
It's late night
Still she is not sleepy.

The heart of Mom
ever so strong.
Still, it fears
if something will go wrong.

He promised
a fifteen minute delay.
But her wait,
went on a relay.

In the dark outside
it rains so hard
Her face shrinks
as his son is with no guard.

I call her
again and again
"Mom, sleep
It'll ease your eye pain

I will be
awake for a while
I will take care,
after all I am his wife"

She says,
"No doubt on you dear
Just that
my heart abodes the fear"

Bell rang,
Opens she door hastily
Kissing his head
She says, "I am feeling sleepy".

Keeping myself in her shoes,
I smiled.
A bloom I felt,
Such lovely is the parenthood.

P.S : Please let me know how you liked it through your comments :) Thank you lovely friends for your encouragement :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What to do?

The hidden love
is still buried
It wants to come
but hurt is guaranteed.

The weak heart
is very worried
Fears to give itself
for, any circumstance may proceed.

Queer are the surroundings,
Lost in my own feelings,
What shall I do now?
Just to go hand in hand with time now! :(

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hidden Tears

Through the blurred eyes
I see the world
With the eyelashes flashing
I close the flood
Let not them come out
with emotions eternal
Otherwise, the consequences
Won't be any minimal!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A bus(life) journey!

To Swathi, this day was no exception. She was hurrying up. It’s already 7.55 a.m. and her stop is nearly half kilometer from her hostel. The company’s bus will arrive in another 5 mins. Her roommates have been waking her since 7. But Swathi wouldn’t budge off. She waited to see the beautiful climax of her dream. But something interrupted Swathi. “There is no water, yaar”.

She thought of yesterday. “Hey Swathi, what are you going to do?” Her friends had giggled. “No water!!” And she had said with the familiar mock “No water, no bath. And that is why I bought this perfume”. And that was it. She changed her clothes and sprayed perfume seeing that she hasn’t applied too much to spin everybody’s head and headed for the bus stop. Yesternight the water lorry came by 10. “Who is going to bath by this time?” Swathi thought and put her bathing off to the next day.

But today… it was the same. Not bathing again was a horrible thing to happen. Who will sit besides her? ‘I was told I had water dosh. But never knew that water can have Swathi dosh’. She dragged herself from the bed hoping that the dream will continue tonight. She ran off to the reception desk to complain and was told that she will get water in another 10 minutes. No idea what to do next, not in the mood to read newspapers, she headed to her room and continued the pirated copy of ‘The Lost Symbol’. She was seeking with Robert Langdon a Masonic treasure when Janu, her roommate called out, “Swathi! Your turn” Oh!! Another break!

Swathi took her brush, clothes and rushed to bathroom. She warned Janu “I may be late, so better you people go”. Janu who is Swathi’s friend for more than 5 years knew that Swathi was lazy as well as energetic (huh! Quite a contradiction) She will join with them in the bus stop soon. Janu and one more friend Eshwari were leaving for the stop, when Swathi had her breakfast. She knew that they will wait for her or let the bus wait for her. How lucky to have such nice friends! She thanked her fortune.

She got ready, locked her room and hurried off. On the way, she took out her watch from the handbag and tied to her wrist, then came the company’s ID card and she wore it around her neck. She checked her chappals and smiled, “Phew! Correct this time!” and made to the crowded bus stop.

Human psychology always has been her favourite topic and a never ending puzzle too. Whenever the company’s bus stops, people throng around the door and do ‘push-push’ game and alight into the bus. Some of them like her remain at the back. Then she would let others move and with no hurry, alight the bus last. She would walk majestically and occupy one of the pairs of seats left for her.

Usually, a seat remains vacant. But yesterday it was filled and she saw a new face sitting adjacent to her. Today, in a hurry she forgot to take her earphones and the 40-minute ride to the office is going to be damned boring! She was trying to busy herself when the bus made another halt. She saw the same man boarding the bus and after locating a set adjacent to her, he sat and smiled. Swathi returned the same.

The man adjacent to her seemed to be calm, intelligent and polite. ‘It’s not going to be boring anymore’ Swathi thought and smiled. But she didn’t know what to start and how to… or should she start ever?

She didn’t even realize that she had been looking at him, her hands resting on the window pane. The man turned and came ‘Hi’ It was then Swathi realized, how stupid she would have looked!


‘I am Shyam’.

‘I am Swathi’.

‘ In which domain do you work? I haven’t seen you’.

‘Am in mainframe. I also haven’t seen you. In which stream do you work?”

“Mainframe. Good!”I just shifted here before 2 weeks. Am in testing”.


And this was the beginning.

They talked about their roles in the team, the coming ‘cultural fest’, Swine flu and… the bus came to another halt. They’ve reached the company. Oh! So soon!! ‘Hm. So, this is how theory of relativity works’.

Shyam, “You told something?”

“Na. You saved my day from getting bored. Thank you.”

“Welcome. Anytime.”

As swathi got down from the bus, Shyam hurried down to another block, giving a smile. Swathi smiled back and could feel two pair of eyes staring at her…with a guilty-sweet smile,she turned to Janu and Eashwari,who were indeed fusions without having any part in the conversation.

Swathi, recollected herself ”hey! what? There’s nothing! No need to stare like this. come on! We are already getting late”. Swathi’s day as usual busy. Running here and there.her team leader gave an extra work and enforced her to finish it by that day itself. She finished off her work soon and with the hope that she could chit-chat again with Shyam,she hurried off. But to her disappointment,a girl from near-by PG gave her company. Swathi talked to her little,the usual ‘hi, hello, how are you (s), hows days going on (s)’. And she slept. Then somebody shook her. She jolted. That was Eashwari. ”Hey! Reached. Get up.” Swathi stepped down sleepily and then these three chatted, laughed all the way to hostel.

While to bed, Swathi as usual thanked her God for the beautiful day and hoped the next day will go as fine as every other day. Hoping that she will see her unfinished dream, she slept.

The next day, she was the last one to wake up. ‘Thank God, no water problem today.’ Shegot ready and as usual started her way to the stop. Tying her watch, putting the ID card, checking her chappals, she reached the stop. Then made her way to one of the last pair of seats. The bus made another stop in 5 minutes and Shyam entered with his face lit and a sweet smile – “Good morning!”

“Good morning” Hope I am not looking stupid today!

“So how am I going to save your day today?” He mocked.

“Its already lovely. I might be helpful to you today.”

“Hmm..Lets see. I have nothing great in my list except an important meeting.”

“Meeting… Sorry no idea about it. Then I may be of help someother day.”

And this went on and on….

Swathi was happy with the new acquaintance and friendship she had made. Days went by. She used to book a seat for him in the morning and he used to book for her in the evening. They exchanged their numbers. If time permits, they’ve lunch together. Often Janu and Eshwari join them. Once they also got a chance to work in the same project.

Swathi later on realized that she felt a different kind of feeling for this relationship. Could she be in love? Is she? Ya, she can be. Yes, she is in. But she had no idea about the feel in the other side.

One day, they were having lunch together. Janu was on leave and Eshwari was busy with her work.

Shyam, “I am feeling tensed today”.

“Need help? Remember my offer??”

Ya. You can make it an exciting day”.

“I will try. Go ahead”.

“Swathi, am bad at this yaar. But in a simple way let me say this. Will you marry me? I have been too frightened to tell you. But then thought that I am too stupid not to tell you. Am not forcing you. Its your wish. I wont disturb you. And let me tell you that I will always be the Shyam as you have seen”.

Swathi was too happy to express in words. Can life be so beautiful? Can things really happen as you want them to be? But at the same time her thoughts were struck. Her parents! They wont allow or will they? She never knew what they’d expected from her and she never thought of asking about this to them.

“Ofcourse yes!! But there is a small hitch”. And she told him.

Deepavali holidays were nearing. And she has got enough time to tell her parents about this. And as for Shyam’s parents, they were ready to accept her. So Shyam has asked his parents already. Good in a way!!

A year later

Now Swathi shifted to a home. She was hurrying. Her husband was helping her out with packing and she was getting ready. Her husband waved her off and left. Swathi took her things, locked the door, hurried down, tied her watch, put her id card and alighted the awaiting bus, apologizing the driver. As usual Shyam reserved a seat for her. Its been a long time but they were never put in a project together because the company’s rule doesn’t allow a couple working in the same project.

P.S: Hey friends, lemme know, how u liked the story.. This was a different attempt from my side! :)

Hey friends....

I am here.. after a long time...
Doing great as usual :)

Was missing u all very much and the blogosphere very much!! Seems this happens once one steps in the software industry :(

I have been trying to get USB modem for the past few weeks, hopefully vl get this time atleast.. ;) n then vl b in touch with u all :)

What else?? Adapting to chennai... enjoying as well :)

N how abt u ppl???
Waiting to hear from u ! :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Untitled - II

My first long story ever!!! Read and please let me know how it was... Thnx :)

Day by day, her anger started to strengthen its root. She started shouting on maids, servants, sometimes on her mom and at her dad too! She herself was surprised with such development of hatred inside her. “Where am I getting into?? To their whirlpool?? Oh no! But I don’t know what to do”.

She had friends but none too faithful that she can discuss or share her problems with. Her mind begins to divert in few minutes. Her progress card started showing regression.

But nothing stopped them.

It is your fault. You didn’t teach her anything”.

“Ya ya.. you have to blame me only. It’s your fault. Only if you would have given sometime for your family”.

Arrghhh!!! Ria wanted to explode. She wanted to silence them. But…. she knew the result. Then she went to her room and ended with the same lines in her diary.

Next day, she saw that her parents were passing some signals to one another. She knew it was about her. Atleast they combined in this. “What are you people going to tell me??” Her dad cleared his throat and started “ Seeing your marks and behaviour, we’ve decided to send you to boarding school, so that…” That was all. She rushed to her room hugging her doll and screaming silently with enjoyment. She never thought of this. Atleast there she will live in peace.

In the school,

Principal, “Ria, you are joining in the mid of the year. I’ve seen your reports, they aren’t that good. But I hope that you will be able to pass this year. Best wishes.” That was all she needed. She was to report to her warden and look for her bed. Her mom and dad had given some pity expressions. But she remained calm.

Days passed and she doesn’t even remember clearly how she adjusted to the new environment, how she made wonderful friends (who always appreciate her for her nice behaviour!!), how her ranks soared up. Hopes were pinned on her for the forthcoming board exams. And to her Principal’s amazement, she topped.

To felicitate the top-marked students, she was called and given invitation card to invite her parents also that day. She took that card with her to the room and then started tearing them into pieces, all her anger vanishing with each tear.

She got a call from them – her parents. She didn’t attend, excusing herself with a valid reason. But her conscience was making her feel guilty. After all, they are her parents! She scribbled her feelings. And with this she changed those two lines “Thank God, for making things good’.Tthen she shuddered at the thought and exclaimed herself “Ya, I am selfish. I know, I am”. And with this conviction, she started leading her life.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Am I lucky????

Since childhood I have seen many people participating in lucky contests - something like lucky corner, lotto housie (a common game played in any get-together here) or buying lottery tickets during Diwali season. I have seen many of them winning and sometimes a particular person wins a lot of times! Whenever a winner is announced, I usually search the crowd and try to estimate who the winner will be.I sort of got accustomed to that fact. Its not that I feel for it, because I know, things go on their way and I go on my way....

When I was in school, there came some people (or representatives, u can say) from Maha Lacto(a chocolate famous before 8 or 9 years) for a contest. All you had to do was make a bunch of 25 chocolate wrappers (just wrappers!!) and staple them with your name and class written on a paper. We were given some 2 to 3 odd weeks to collect those wrappers. Seems that the company went short of those wrappers - well no need to say, this was another marketing strategy. The whole school started searching for the wrappers - some in the ground, some in litterbox too! yuck! Even the canteen and shops nearby school ran out of that chocolate... :(

I and my sister together managed to get some 50 odd wrappers and my parents said that those two bunch vl be given in my name - much to mine and my sister's embarassment. Dont think that my sister would have been mad at me - she is lovely sis :) The prizes for the lucky draw were
(as far I can remember)
10 lucky winners will get Maha Lacto Camera pouch (I guess I am right :D)
5 will get Maha Lacto School Bag
1 will get a camera.
I thought to test my luck again. I didnt own a single-branded thing. Atleast I could own the Maha Lacto brand!! Atlast the LD-day (Lucky draw day) came. The company representatives came in suits and ties. After assembly, they started calling the lucky ones... A boy besides me got a bag, a classmate of mine who stands 5 to 6 girls before me got a bag and a senior of mine won (won??? though this word sounds absurd here) a camera!!! and as usual I was there questioning my luck...

The main reason I thought to post this article comes here:

Recently Vikatan (a Tamil magazine group) held book exhibition. I went with my friend (leave the fact that I scare people when I read tamil) to see the collection and variety. After a lot of this-that-gud-bad we bought 3 books totalling some 210-plus bucks. In the billing section, we were told that if we get books worth of 300 or so (I have weak memory, forgot the exact amount!) we have a chance of getting a coupon. That coupon will be collected and on a particular date (after a month) the lucky winners will be announced. I and my friend started laughing and the cashier gave a confused luck...only had she known about our luck... :D :D

I again thought of trying my luck... As you would have seen the lesson taught by Farhan Akhtar to Konkana in 'Luck by chance' - that you should atleast give a chance to things. I gave it a go!!! Bought another couple of books for another friend and the amount crossed the required limit.
I filled the coupon, leave the fact that my friend did more than half the purchse :D, and a part of the coupon was given to me to retrieve it, so that it can be useful while collecting the gifts.
The winner might get (as the poster said)

Mixi, Scooty, TV, iPod, Mobile, Toys, book offer, and so on...

I laughed at the thought and went. More than a month passed and my Mom was asking the other day about the coupon. I assured her that it was safe with me in my wallet and also told her that the LD-day has passed. So no need of worrying about it. But instead of throwing it, I let it ruin. A week after the LD-Day passed, I got a call from that publication.

He : "Hello. May I know whom I talking to?"
I : "It is you who called. Whom do you want?" (Always my father has advised me not to share anything with strangers :P :D )
He : "Am talking from Vikatan publication. Can u please tell me ur name".
(I totally forgot about the lucky draw part. I was thinking why a Tamil magazine will approach me!!)
I : "My name is Priyanka".
He: "Oh ok Madam. I just called to say that u won prize in LD".

(I was totally out of words!! me???? what i wud have got?? mobile or scooty??)

I : OK sir. what I have to do?
He: Just visit the same book center with the coupon, u vl get ur prize. U have won cosmetic prize.
I : Ok, thank you.

(Ah!! Cosmetic prize... tsch.. I didnt expect this.. there wasnt anything like cosmetic product on that poster..was ther?? oh leave it!)

I didnt want to go alone and so called my bro - a couch potato - to come with me. I just told him that we have won some prize. Didnt mention him that it was a cosmetic prize, otherwise he wouldnt have come with me :P As we showed our coupon, we were handed a parcel of medium size. hmm... I started guessing.. powders, lipsticks, face lotions... what could be in it??? and my brother in loud voice - "iPod or mobile?? If its a mobile I vl have it.. " I was just smiling n nodding....

Since childhood I have made it as a rule that any gift or envelope I get, I first give it to my Dad to open. And hence this also... Four pair of eyes were anxiously waiting as my Dad was tearing out the cover. As he opened, small boxes started falling... And lo! We all started laughing until tears started flowing through the cheeks.... I won 10 boxes of Vivel soap n 4 shampoo bottles /omg :P

Hence the question, Am I lucky???

P.S : An exception - My date of joining got preponed from november 30 to september 29 :)