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Monday, August 27, 2007

Hindi Poem - Meri aajadi

Cheen liya kuch logo ne mujhse meri ajaadi
Naa saans lene ki fursat
Naa hasne ki taakat
Aise waqt me ulajh gayi ki
Patha bhi nahin kitne hiren
Ko piche chod aayi
Dhoond rahi hoon
Bachav ke liye apni
Is pagal duniya se
Jisne khud ko to hasna bhula diya
Aur mujhe bhi bhula diya.


  1. As i found that many couldnt get the actual meaning of the poem...
    i thought of translating it in english....
    however i dunno whether the essence will b goes...

    Grabbed some people from me my freedom
    Got no time to breath
    Got no strength to laugh
    Caught in the 'time' such that
    No idea I have,
    How many diamonds I left behind
    I am searching for
    Protecting myself
    From this mad world
    Which itself forgot to laugh
    And also made me to forget how to laugh.

  2. nice priyanka
    ur translation s so gud

  3. onnumae puriyala....

  4. hey priyank it really nice one re!
    i really like this poems!


Thnx for your valuable feedbacks :)