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Friday, February 27, 2009

A service......

Her voice booming around the streets, and with that follows the slogans of few more volunteers - all standing to eradicate the social evil CHILD LABOUR.

Nirnaya and her Co., had lots of credits, for their good deed, to their social organisation. With the objective of eradication of child labour, dowry, female infanticide; they move onto set their goals. Slogan rising, hunger strike were their key strengths.

Imana used to cover all these facts and showed them proudly in her news channel. With the organisation's succes, Imana's curiosity of knowing Nirnaya grew more and more. And on a Sunday, free day, she goes to the great social worker's house to pay her gratitude for her service.

Longtime after the knock, she got an answer. Controlling her excitement, she steps in. What a marvellous that was! She saw a sweet girl before her and remembers that she has interviewed her. She hears Nirnaya's voice, "Kaun aaya hai?" (Who has come?) and got elated as she stood in front of her.

Imana was surprised seeing the little girl, Kasturi, in Nirnaya's house. For that Kasturi replied, "Oh! is madiam ne hume godh liya hai" (This madam has adopted me). On further questions and interrogations, Imana finds that Nirnaya believes in self-work and she proudly says, "I work myself". Imana couldnt suppress her delight.

Imana called Kasturi and she returned after a couple of minutes. When she was forcing her hair back, Imana took notice of the blood coming behind from her ears. Then suddenly Imana asked for a first-aid kit and dressed the wound of Kasturi. At that time she saw fresh wounds and marks on her body and the knife-cuts on her fingers.

She felt the rought hands and the shivering Kasturi. And in a moment, Imana got up, shook the soft-handed Nirnaya and went away with the crushed pride......

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Comparison - I

Virtual is real:
You see the carton channels and worry about the super hero who dies or gets bruised...

Real is virtual:
Your mom pleads you to help her during her illness and you make it unheard!!

Sometimes we dont know what we are scribbling and then we realise, Oh! i have written this... something like tht, this came in....