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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The wait

Wrote a poem after a long time! Blame it the lack of inspiration or my busy time or my negligence! I wrote this a day back and hope have done some justice... I felt, this one is not like my previous ones but wanted your view on it... Thanks :)

Her eyes
towards the road.
Every little sound
turns her head towards the door.

She knows
he is busy.
It's late night
Still she is not sleepy.

The heart of Mom
ever so strong.
Still, it fears
if something will go wrong.

He promised
a fifteen minute delay.
But her wait,
went on a relay.

In the dark outside
it rains so hard
Her face shrinks
as his son is with no guard.

I call her
again and again
"Mom, sleep
It'll ease your eye pain

I will be
awake for a while
I will take care,
after all I am his wife"

She says,
"No doubt on you dear
Just that
my heart abodes the fear"

Bell rang,
Opens she door hastily
Kissing his head
She says, "I am feeling sleepy".

Keeping myself in her shoes,
I smiled.
A bloom I felt,
Such lovely is the parenthood.

P.S : Please let me know how you liked it through your comments :) Thank you lovely friends for your encouragement :)