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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Comparison - I

Virtual is real:
You see the carton channels and worry about the super hero who dies or gets bruised...

Real is virtual:
Your mom pleads you to help her during her illness and you make it unheard!!

Sometimes we dont know what we are scribbling and then we realise, Oh! i have written this... something like tht, this came in....


  1. hmhm this Pumpkin havin some value always..nice quote..but expecting too much from u bablli..keep goin..blabla..

  2. @ ry
    yes yaar.. i have seen in many places and i have seen the people who affect from it..

    hahah... thnx for ur compliment!! i vl try best from my side.. :)

  3. he..hee..exact words..even i did this to my mom...

    feeling now :(

  4. @ manithuligal
    rite...only when one wears others shoes then only they feel the situation...

    ya sudha..

  5. Do u think this as scribble!!! naaaa....

    I can say "Great Lines dipped with really virtual Truth" :) :)

    Keep Rocking :) :) :)
    My Wishes


Thnx for your valuable feedbacks :)