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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Forest Life...

In this life of forest,
some cruel some kind,
some ferocious, some tenderous,
I met many-an-animal here.
Helpful were few
but harmful were many.
Unarmed was I,
helpless was I,
a frightened lion was inside me.
But then I experienced,
the strength of the lion,
the wisdom of the lion,
and let it to nurture.
And my lion became the king,
and in this life of forest,
I rule.....


  1. I suppose this should be one of ur best blog....itz really good and it posts ur confidence.. keep blogging !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thnk u Karthick..:) n thnx for the help and support that u have given me...

  3. If everyone realize and be a lion of their own problem at all..
    I like the lines very much
    "Helpful were few
    but harmful were many."

  4. hmhm nice one again...waiting for the next blog babli:)

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  6. hi mam...,
    i was in a little confusion to give u a single comment..b'coz all ur new posts are fantastic..
    n not dare to leave u wid simple appreciations... it s been after a longtime,i m visiting ur blog.. u came up wid superb creatives...

    :):) keep rockin>>>

  7. nice reminds me f "call of the wild..."
    and uniq too...

  8. @ Janaki

    Thnk u very much Janu :) n sorry for the late reply. Was not able to come online.keep visiting and tht too often! :)k?

    Thnx Prasanna :)

    Thnk u Sandhiya :) sry..havent read that book. Vl try to read it soon. thnx again


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