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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Untitled - II

My first long story ever!!! Read and please let me know how it was... Thnx :)

Day by day, her anger started to strengthen its root. She started shouting on maids, servants, sometimes on her mom and at her dad too! She herself was surprised with such development of hatred inside her. “Where am I getting into?? To their whirlpool?? Oh no! But I don’t know what to do”.

She had friends but none too faithful that she can discuss or share her problems with. Her mind begins to divert in few minutes. Her progress card started showing regression.

But nothing stopped them.

It is your fault. You didn’t teach her anything”.

“Ya ya.. you have to blame me only. It’s your fault. Only if you would have given sometime for your family”.

Arrghhh!!! Ria wanted to explode. She wanted to silence them. But…. she knew the result. Then she went to her room and ended with the same lines in her diary.

Next day, she saw that her parents were passing some signals to one another. She knew it was about her. Atleast they combined in this. “What are you people going to tell me??” Her dad cleared his throat and started “ Seeing your marks and behaviour, we’ve decided to send you to boarding school, so that…” That was all. She rushed to her room hugging her doll and screaming silently with enjoyment. She never thought of this. Atleast there she will live in peace.

In the school,

Principal, “Ria, you are joining in the mid of the year. I’ve seen your reports, they aren’t that good. But I hope that you will be able to pass this year. Best wishes.” That was all she needed. She was to report to her warden and look for her bed. Her mom and dad had given some pity expressions. But she remained calm.

Days passed and she doesn’t even remember clearly how she adjusted to the new environment, how she made wonderful friends (who always appreciate her for her nice behaviour!!), how her ranks soared up. Hopes were pinned on her for the forthcoming board exams. And to her Principal’s amazement, she topped.

To felicitate the top-marked students, she was called and given invitation card to invite her parents also that day. She took that card with her to the room and then started tearing them into pieces, all her anger vanishing with each tear.

She got a call from them – her parents. She didn’t attend, excusing herself with a valid reason. But her conscience was making her feel guilty. After all, they are her parents! She scribbled her feelings. And with this she changed those two lines “Thank God, for making things good’.Tthen she shuddered at the thought and exclaimed herself “Ya, I am selfish. I know, I am”. And with this conviction, she started leading her life.


  1. this was one beautiful story...but most of the children are not as sensible and as lucky as Ria really touched the point..

  2. frustration can change people... Its better to be selfish than to go in depression

    Hoping to read more from u !!

  3. @RSV
    Thanks yaar :) Happy that u liked it :)

    Thnks for giving the gist in a line.. nice to have commment from u :)

  4. there is an award waiting for u at my blog :)

  5. Lovely story. Felt good to read a happy ending. :) You can afford to lose everything in life, but not hope.

    Well, for the title of the story, my suggestions:
    1. Hope: Lost and found.
    Peace: Lost and found.
    2. Silver Lining
    3. Or as someone suggested in the first part, 'Ria.'

  6. @Naveen
    Just saw them today! Thanks a ton :)

  7. @Karthik
    Thanks very much Karthik :) Am glad that I didnt disappoint you!!! he he

    How abt this ?? "Ria : Hope and Peace"

  8. good story and I liked the positivity of Ria's mind..way to go:)

  9. hi...
    My name is Arpita Sharma..
    well written dear...
    written beautifully and systematically..
    go ahed..

  10. @Antaraman
    Thank u very much :)

    Thnk u Arpi :) Hope I vl continue writing often! :)


Thnx for your valuable feedbacks :)