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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maan gaye Mughale Aazam...

Hey frens,
My first review here.... wanted to write one, so started here... but the sad and bad thing is tht its MAAN GAYE MUGHALE AAZAM.......ugh... sob sob...
I didnt expect much from this movie but hoped fair for Paresh Rawal and he wasnt in his form too.. :( wont u b surprised when i vl say tht Paresh Rawal was the husband of Mallika Sharawat!!!! It seemed as if it was rahul Bose's first movie, everywhere overreactions.... A RAW agent(Rahul Bose) seeks the help of dramatists (coz he cudnt arrange squads!!!!) to smuggle RDX from the villains... funny na... and i felt disappointed... not a thing in here was real...
Usually i like to watch movies but for this one, i waited for its end, hoping tht atleast the next scene vl have something gud,but...
i vl rate half for this movie...

hopefully next time i vl write a gud review for a gud movie....

take care frens....


  1. Of all the good movies that released u decided to watch this ??..its u'r fault!!
    haha suffer..felt good!!

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  4. who knows first itself tht the movie isnt gud.... n if a movie is bad, it doesnt mean tht the reviewer is bad n if a news is bad it doesnt mean tht the reporter is bad...ok??

    n i heard dat u watched the Sakkarakatti film??? (which is rated 0!!!)

    neways u bcome more intelligent the more u do mistake!!!! take care....


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