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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Review of Ckkompany!!!

Hi folks,
To while away the time, thought of bumping into another movie, ckkompany.... hope tht with the 2 K's u wud have guessed whose movie this must b? yup...rite , our Ektaji's movie only... And as expected her brother tushaar is doing the lead role as an underworld news reporter and giving him the support are Anupam Kher, a retired accountant and Rajpal Yadav, a clown in a shopping mall....
Ekta kapoor has proved tht she not only can make soaps but also can comeup with moral based movies... n she can also ACT yaar!! She wasnt bad for her first trial... n this pic was some sort of Anti-balaji television!!!! Mithun dada also got a centre role of the city-famous-DADA...
ckkompany is founded by 3 'aam aadmis' to achieve their dreams but it goes public and creates panic among the irresponsible government employees, Mithun dada and it tries to bring justice to the aam admis... this movie somewhat sounded like the tamil movie "4 students" who take up the challenge of helping people... As for music...KHOKA song is gud... had a gud time watching this movie...

have a gr8 time frens... tc

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