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Saturday, November 15, 2008

A child's 'sorry'...

I got angry on him, on my DAD, for all the carelessness he has got. I shouted at him, not even worrying that his friend was accompanying him then.. With countless harsh words, I shot him and then went to the nearby shore to transfer all my anger to the sea by throwing stones.

There I sit and watch, people coming and going, in pairs, with family, some lonely to wander, to enjoy the sea, to breathe the fresh air, the look at the scenary, to dwell to their past - to think of their decisions, their commitments and their fullfilments or just came to think nothing...
My eyes, got fixed on a child who was making funny faces to his angry mother. The more the mother shouts, the more funnier he makes his face. On seeing that, the lady got hurt. And she turned away from the child.
And there, I saw the child's reaction. It got saddened because he cant see his mom going away from him. He ran upto the lady and pleaded sorry... I was waiting for the reaction.. thought that lady will fuss and then will forgive... But to my surprise, a smile lightened the lady's face, she took the child in her arms and they started playing again.
Seeing this, my heart began to feel guilty.. oh oh. 'How much I would have hurted my father then?' I should apologise to him... and self-defensing by saying that ' After all life is forgiving and forgetting na...'
With this hope and the child's energy, I went. So there in the office room, he sits,
He doesnt notice me at all.. It pains much...
'Dad, Am sorry'
' '
Again a trial...
'Dad please, Dad. I wont repeat again.. Sorry.... Please.'
And with a kind smile, he forgives me and assures me that he will be careful hereafter... and like a lovely chap I sit near him, smiling with him....

So, this is life... isnt it???? FORGIVING AND FORGETTING!!!! :) :) :)


  1. really this s true n quite commmon in our day-to day life..

  2. what u did was so correct... actually the feel that you get after asking a sorry can't be described in words... we people must throw our egos and live a meaningful happy life :)

  3. hey!!!!!! its really makes me to remind my dad.. forget and forgive!!!!! its impact will be bigger when we start following it !!! keep rocking!!!! nice one dhidhi......


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