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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New year resolution

In the slums of Mumbai, he lives. Lives with the cause of disturbign others. Comes he there, to his hut, stumbling here and there and then finds a way with great difficulty, through the broken door.

Quarrels, slaps, cries... the neighbours hear, not a new one to them. They come, peep, listen and then go on , for who has the strenght to object???

Then comes a day where over a heap of garbage, he sees children enacting him. With great fury and great insult he snarls them and hits them. To his amazement, he sees his own son in and with no words he goes out from there.

A feeling of shame and regret, he gets. Thinks of throwing the liquid poison, but sees that the next year is heading. So he plans to get rid of it by the next year and in the meanwhile, let him enjoy it.

Next week... With his little son as his guide, he follows, to his house. At a distance on the road, he sees a car. The car moves right, he moves right. The car moves left, he moves left. And besides, the little guide begs his father to follow him.

But the liquid poison got the control and his mind the slave now. The car moves with a great speed and he remains unbalanced. It comes, hits and goes. And the drunker lays down...After an hour or so, someone wakes him up and he checks again and again wether he is alive or not. (If u guess tht he is in heaven or hell..not so!!)

Then he turns around and sees a huge crowd encircling nearby - and there he sees his little guide who could never ever wake up anymore.

And he moans, "Why 2009 took long to come?"


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