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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Allah ke naam pe vote de do Baba! (For God's sake, please vote me!)

Saw the campign
felt hard for it,
took a paper
and then listed the parties in it.

For a long time
I gave thought
for whom should i vote
and whom not.

Failed in the attempt,
for me everyone was corrupt.

I pinky-ponkyed them
but as a citizen
that too i cant do.
Coz i can do a role
of no-man
but not of a traitor.

So I left the stage
and sat there,
in that gathering
as a mere spectator.

This article is in response to Mithe's wish to publish here. Thanks yaar :)


  1. hey! one heard about O-49 rule.. vote for it.

    I am going to do the same tomorrow (13th May, 5th and last poll),

    I don't want voting % less because of me, also on the other hand, I don't like to these corrupted, thought to use o-49.

    Voting is our freedom. Don't say, I don't want it.

    To vote, for nation (o-49), I am put a leave for one day (office, Rs.950 gone), travel expense Rs.1000. But I earn..self satisfaction.

    JAI HO!!!!

    NOTE:someone may say, the button for o-49, Govt can provide in voting m/c, for there sake, The case is still in hearing in supreme court for past 2 years.

  2. ya I also heard of tht section 49 (o)... gr8 tht u r coming all the way here to cast ur vote n costing 2000 rupees!!! Hope people think n do duty like u.

  3. ya me too have the same confusion ma...i don't know wen the sitution wil change...

  4. we can use o-49 which is the best choice..

    anyway what u did finally?

  5. nice !

    wat is I pinky-ponkyed ?? :D

  6. @princy
    ya yaar.. the mud is thrown at each other. hopefully the politicians vl change. and it is a high time, v got a great leader.

    hmm... I again gave a thought and discussed with my father and atlast i thought of voting a candidate (but i cant tell who :P) a chance.

  7. @prasanna

    ya, i voted :)


    thnk u. just formed the past tense of the game pinky-ponky, thought of adding a word to the dictionary :P not a bad idea na!!!!??

  8. Hey, great I said before. Check my latest post on the blog. I think, my blog has become rusty from lack of use...Its still saying one month ago on your link! lolz...hope this clears soon:)
    All the best...

  9. @Mithe
    thanx.. no probs man... u r back now.. hoping many posts from u..:)

  10. Our fates n hastes...But to the pity my name din appear on the list itself :(

  11. hmm dis tym wid a lotsa speculations n confusions i voted smebdy...but i promise u dear my vote s 4 u if u stand n d nxt election:P wat se??

  12. @sandhiya

    yes yaar.. it happens a lot times, n these people even tell that there have been 78% or 79% voting!!

    oh fine.. so v were in the same case.huh? the party to which i vote, lost! :(
    haha.. as for now, i have no idea of standing in elections.. if there is any change of mind, i vl surely count on u! :) danx :)

  13. Voted. (sorry I'm not used o-49) and one more thing, our winning candidate is the current Home Minister :)

  14. @balaji

    so ur vote won! hope he vl come with more n more development policies.


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