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Monday, June 1, 2009

Last night

The day went so stressful that by night, my thoughts faded one by one, my mind needed rest and the head-ache started troubling me for the long day's work, though it was a Sunday. It was that day I realised how mental work can tired a person as well. It looked as if my mind door was closed to pave way for any thought or like a filled glass which cannot add any more water to it.

I knew what I needed. Peace. Time for me. Time to listen to my every thought. Or time for myself to communicate with harmony.

With these thoughts I moved to the verandah of my house, with the rest of them sleeping. All the lights were switched off. Sitting on the chair, I can see only two lights – one was the street light, second was of the bulb from the opposite Professor’s home. I stared at the bulb for a few minutes and then that too went out. My father told me, “By viewing bulb for a long time, u vl hypnotize urself.” I got hypnotized through it... or, was I hypnotized by the arrogant-fast-world????

With the street light that too a block away, I began to tremble. What if a ghost with white mask and black hood will pop and say, “ Aaahaaa….heee…. Am here to eat you.” Suddenly I heard a man’s voice, “I will kill you. Don’t dare to trouble me”. It was like my thoughts became real. Then I realized that it was from a drunkard talking to the wind. I thought what worse can happen to me? May be that I will be dead. And that has to happen to anyone who has entered the world. What these worries will lead to me then?? Nothing other than harming me.

Through the grills of verandah, I can see that the tree was bending over and shaking as if it agreed to my answers. The wind seemed to be the medium of communication. The tree posed like a wise man and was smiling at me for the trivial worries that I carried with me. It shook there and told, “For generations and generations, I’ve seen many people like you, who worry for nothing and then get nothing”. And thus our conversation went on. Had anybody heard me there, I would have been a certified mad.

As I thought that, mom came and asked to me to sleep. She wondered what was I doing there. I was dumbstruck and said nothing. She wore her confused expression and then hurried me to sleep.

It was the most peaceful thing I’ve ever felt. Instead of running here and there, I found my peace, my thought smoothed and flowed constantly in that silent night. There needs to be a time where one has to take time for oneself. Because you cant run away from yourself!

Apart from all these, I wonder what mom would have thought of me.. a schizophrenic?????

P.S : this is my first longest post ever!! :)


  1. These are the moments during which we feel we are our best have pictured it beautifully...

  2. @sandhiya
    thnk u sandy.. felt great having ur comment :)

  3. such a nice potrayal of how v feel wen v r dejected 4 sme or no reason!!felt lyk i waz jz readin my own diary n i'm sure evry1 wud feel d same...:)

  4. an excellent post :) good portrayal of inner thoughts .... i liked this phrase very much "worry for nothing and then get nothing" ..enjoyed it thoroughly :)

  5. @ Annapoorna
    thnx dear. happy to hear from u. first i thought tht this was going to be a horrible post. but am happy tht u liked it.

    @ prasanna

    thnk u prasanna.. for ur lovely comment ever.. i hope u vl worry for everything n then get everything!!!:P take care.

  6. Wow:)its the same wat i feel sitting alone in upstairs in that cloudy evenings....talking to the breeze.........:)n...ur blog's new look s great yaar...:):)

  7. @Janu
    nice to see u here :)n thnx too :)
    i guess v all do the same things, but differently!

  8. //My father told me, “By hypnotizing, you can switch off a bulb.” //
    Is it, really?

    The horror tone of the post suits your style really well!
    gud work priyanka!

  9. @rajesh

    thts wat father told me.. he has tried in his younger days, but hasnt succeeded.

    thnk u rajesh :)

  10. Very nice post. I think everyone will relate to this post :)

    Bohoth khub yanka ji...aap likthe rahiyae aur min comment karte rahoonga!! :D

  11. @kamal @ nutty martian

    hm... am also seeing the effect...

    thnx amalji.. hum toh likh hi rahe hain, bus aapka hi pata nahi tha..umeed hai aage se comment karenge.

  12. very nice da...u describe in nice way...and every 1 can feel the things wat u felt...

  13. @ princy

    thnx yaar.. i feel am improving... n yet to improve.. thnx :)

  14. awesome yar..lovely lines but very very true:u cannot run away frm urself" cheers!!

  15. @ Priya

    THnx yaar PRP.. :)


    sry for the wrong info i gave.. when i asked my pa, he said tht its us who get hypnotized by the bulb.. sry again... n thnx for mentioning. overcame my misunderstanding :)

  16. @chori
    Mere naam ko use mat kar yaar...I'm supposed to be anonymous you know!!

  17. @ martian
    oh ho.... thik hai.. pehle batana tha na.. aage se dhyan me rahega!

  18. @ priyanka

    haha...adhaana paarthaen :)

  19. Nice one Priyanka.. :)
    NIGHTS wow... :) it will show us the world in a different form... everytime i use end with the same question "r u playing with me showing another face??!!"

    Read one article in Aanandha vikadan this week... (page no:19) related with night times... "Pagal->Per iyakkam Iravu-> Alai adangiya kadal"
    Nights teach u many things
    Nights show u many things
    Nights talk with u about many things
    Those things u cant c or feel in day time :) :)

    I love this post Priyanka.... :) :)
    Keep experiencing the unseen beauties :) :)

  20. @Rajesh
    he he.. :D :D

    yes nive :) tht was nice.. "Nights talk with u about many things
    Those things u cant c or feel in day time"

    thnx yaar.. :)

  21. I want to thank you write from the heart and its o gave me valuable lessons through each of the two last posts. You don't know what a help you have been to me...will tell you all about it sometime if you would like to listen...hugs

  22. @ Mithe
    Thank u Mithe, thnx for the ray of hope that u show. I dont know how i had helped u, but am feeling glad about it. Am eager to hear from u Kiran.

    Priyanka :)


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