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Friday, July 3, 2009

10 secrets abt me!

Ya, am tagged. And this my first time!!! This tag of revealing some 10 secrets about me was passed by Kally. First I thought tht this was going to be easy, and planned to do it within a week. But day by day, I pondered, what my secrets are! My life is an open book. Its just that few take interest, turn over the pages and read it. Some 3 to 4 of them came soon, but the rest took a long time to enter my mind :)

Okay, lemme share with you the pages that are least read. Here I go,

1. I've planned to write an autobiography. Well, I feel that everybody's life is nothing less interesting than a tale. So I also come in everbody!

2. Two things that I cant control - SLEEP and HUNGER :P

3. Many say that I keep my cool or I manage on the stage well. But lemme say, I have still not overcome my stage fear, phew! But my friends say that I have improved much! :)

4. Watched a forbidden movie- I was not allowed to watch a spiritual movie in childhood (when i was in some 5th or 6th class), with the notion that it will affect my thoughts. However, I peeped through the door's opening and watched it. And I still remember the irrationalism in that movie (Fortunately, I dont remember the movie's name). Sssh... dont tell my parents, they still are unaware of it!

5. Am a born-vegetarian. And sometimes I feel bad that I dont have access to all the menus of the world :(

6. I like to play even when I know that I am losing it - especially in Carrom and badmiton, where my brother usually wins! :)

7. I dont know how to react or what to react when someone praises me. In short I feel uncomfortable. Just a little smile will satisfy me of my work :)

8. When I feel tensed or worried, I get hungry ! I dont know from whom I got this gene. Can't help it! :P (If u think that point 2 and this is same, then the answer is NO).

9. When I watch a movie or read a book, I indulge myself there. I cry with them and laugh with the characters there. The worst effect of it was when I read Harry Potter, where Sirius Black (Godfather of Harry) died. And it took me several weeks to console that it was just a story, a book.

10. It was in 12th standard, I wrote a poem (in some 2003), beacause I thought that I can be a poet!! When I showed that to my Dad, he thought that it was nothing less than a crap. lol!
Then by the end of the academic year i.e, by april 2004, I wrote a poem for a friend on her birthday, and it was remarked good! And that gave me the entry to the world of poetry :)

So my first tag is over! and it feels great completing this tag!

Now my time to tag:

:: Nive :: Janaki :: Rajesh :: Karthikeyan :: Mithe :: Experiencing...
::Grumblings :: Shyamala :: Praja :: Balaji :: Sandy

Cya in the next post!
Until then take care :)


  1. hey dat was a gr8 outcome..very intersting..
    even i love to watch horror movie,but not alone always:O..i wasnt allowed to play cards in my young childhood...even i intersted mind never sets in learning it.....:D

    dats a nice tag :)

  2. @ Experiecing
    Thnk u sis :) haha... I watch horror movie during day time! :P

    Hope u vl come with ur tag soon :)

  3. "Forbidden?!" spiritual movie?! :P

  4. @Praja
    yes yaar! It involved spirits, God and many such things. Girls were killed by the age of 10 n so on. dont remember exactly!

    thnx for coming by and commmenting :)

  5. hey, pynka, we have some similar secrets, it seems. One, in very particular! But lemme expose later while i do the tag.
    //When I feel tensed or worried, I get hungry//
    I don't feel hungry but sleepy!! :P
    btw thanx for tagging me :) tat too an easy one! :P will do it within 3 days!

  6. @Rajesh
    is it so? (Might be! After all great ppl think alike! :D ) eagerly waiting for ur tag... :)
    easy huh? thts wat i said too n it took me more than a week!

  7. hey really cool post... very interesting to read too (nalla time pass) hope all the bloggers post such post :

  8. Interesting! I'm vegetarian too =D

  9. hmmm...kewl rey...I knew many frnz who get hungry when they are tensed or come ppl r like that..I still wondering..

    and I have similar feelings as of your 7th one...even I do not know how to react..sometimes I'm afraid of exposing myself as boastful or too too I just smile,...s..hehe

  10. @ Prasanna
    Hahah.. thnx for naming it cool!!! :P


    Thnk u Rosh :)

  11. @Kally
    Thnx Kally.. n i know some friends of mine who dont eat while they are angry! :P

    he he.. :)

  12. thanks for tagging me
    v r similiar in 2 pts-1&9
    i've already started my auto biography"oru paarai silai aahirathu"
    i prayed for harry before the release of deathly hollows

  13. Hey nice secrets.... cried for sirius :) same here@

  14. @Karthikeyan
    Most welcome :) Nee thaan periya eluthaalar achae! wow nice topic too! dont forget to inform me when its finished.

    he he :)

    Thank u yaar. :) Even in the last part i expected tht sirius vl come back. But was left with disappointment!

  15. hey girlee...really an intrstin post...but y u didn expose d most important secret????!!![:P]...dis s cheating man!!hey ppl don believe dis gal[;)]

  16. @Annapoorna
    Thnks.. Most important secret??? watz tht, tht i dont know???

  17. hey cummon dear..i ve been a loyal frnd of urs..hw cud u xpect me 2 tell tat?:P....

  18. @Annapoorna
    Hahah.. ok friend :) I think this must be so secret tht u dont want to tell me too! btw thnx yaar :)

  19. hey priyanka..,
    nice post..i din know that u had this idea of writing autobiography...good idea ya....don forget to write abt our hostel life:)(and that strike too... i missed tat:))

  20. @Princy
    Thnks yaar!

    Hahah.. ya sure.. .tht vl be the most elaborate part! :D

  21. 1)My Wishes Priyanka for ur AB.... and also booking u for my biography :P :P

  22. 2) same same sweet for SLEEP hehehhe :) :)

  23. 3) U r cool my dear friend.... wishing u to become "Ms.COOLEST"

  24. 4) hey tomorrow my first job is to call uncle and aunty :P :P matniya matniya :P :P hehehe

  25. 5) Dont worry chellam.... i am here na... i will help u :) :) :) but bill u have to pay :P :P :P :P

    the real hero oops sorry "HEROINE" ;)

  27. 7) not only in this case hehehehhe :P :P
    "Ms. 0 reaction" ;) (just kidding :) )

  28. 8)hey at that time take food .. it will reduce ur tension .... :) :)a way to get ourself down...

  29. @ Nive
    Hey u surprised me with these comments!!! thnx a ton yaar :)

    1. wow!!! tht vl be my pleasure :)
    2. hehee!! but no one can beat u in sleeping!
    3. Dank u Dank u :P :P
    4. Aioo... No Nive, plz dont do tht!!
    5. Haha.. Anyway, I am not gng to eat. But dear, I vl pay for u :)
    6. yeah :):):)
    7. oi
    8. :) ya la..

    Priyanka :)


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