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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What to do?

The hidden love
is still buried
It wants to come
but hurt is guaranteed.

The weak heart
is very worried
Fears to give itself
for, any circumstance may proceed.

Queer are the surroundings,
Lost in my own feelings,
What shall I do now?
Just to go hand in hand with time now! :(


  1. Lovely one Pri :)
    And yup sometimes its just better to go with time when you cant fight back or its not worthy fighiting :)

  2. What shall I do now?
    (My exp)....
    Weakening the Heart not good. Let it out...
    Don't wait for best time in future..
    Today's Good time is better that that.

  3. I second anu.. Its sometimes better to move with the flow of time..:)

    but man maketh destiny.. So u need to be ready for every opportunity that come ur way

  4. All izz well.. All izz well
    many of us can relate with this kind of feelings...
    nice one :)

  5. Love hurts...
    Move on, there is no pint in dwelling on the past. Moving on is not easy though but its worth it. So, let past slumber peacefully.

  6. i would say.,even hurt is guaranteed.,u share it to ur love :) express it :)

  7. ऐसी सोच कई बार पनपती है - मनोभावों अच्छा चित्रण किया है


Thnx for your valuable feedbacks :)