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Friday, August 8, 2008

After a long time!!

Hi Friends....

Missed ur comment a lot... am back again... though after a long time i know.. sorry for that...
well the past 3 months went roaming around here n there, sitting useless at home somehow passing away the time...

This hols, i went to grandma's house after a pretty long time...was indeed gr8 there..
Lemme show u a typical house of that place..

This is how the building looks..ancient type.. but admirable... For the first time i saw what a flood was indeed horrible yaar... First i thought tht its a pond then only came to know tht many roads have got submerged... then came to know how flood can affect people...
The sight was worse yaar..
ok leaving now..catch u in the next article...

P.S. : Helping hands are better than the praying lips...


  1. hey priyanka me too terribly missed ur posts these day.. :( hope u keep up the tempo.. the building in the foto is nice :)

  2. Great applause for your re-entry priyanka.... :) :) :) :)

    Hmm nice :) :)
    hey y not other photos too ?? lets all enjoy :) :) :)
    waiting for ur next post :) :)


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