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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dawalgiri temple in Bhuvaneshwar....

hey frens
in the last article i posted about my visit to orissa na... there in bhuvaneshwar i went to Dawalgiri temple which is in the otskirts of the city.... Its been the first time i heard such temple though i have went there many a times.... The scene was worth capturing n observing....

The river that u cud see in the first photo is River Dayanithi (reminded me of IT minister!!)

This is temple of Lakshmi Goddess n in the back side of the temple we have Bhudda temple.. it is believed that after Kalinga war king Ashoka came here to gain his mind's peace n then he started following buddhism....
Had a gr8 time there... when u ppl get a chance to visit bhuvaneshwar..dont miss it....
c u in the next article... take care...


  1. nice infos and description of temple priyanka :) .. hope ur tour was a long one.. so im expecting more posts about ur tour :)

  2. Hey nice one.... :) :) :) :) IT Minister ... :D nice comparison priyanka :) ....

    History, Nature's different embodiment.... always make us to feel the pleasure :) :) :)

    hey Priyanka.. u r going to take me with u in ur next trip... so i am sure u will take snaps of mine in these places :) :) :) :) :P :P :P :P

  3. more posts...vl surely do next time..

    No doubt in this nive.. vl take u wid me next time...

  4. yaar u seem to have had a grt time...the view it self is gud..
    hmmm lakshmi wht did u pray??i guess wanna becoome nxt indra noyee u wud definitely succeed no doubts!!!
    ok yar marana nahi...jus for fun
    but u can give it a thought....

  5. so nice priyanka..
    fotos r really superb..
    Nee tour-a nalla njoy pannirukaenu un desc-la irunthae theriyuthu...
    keep on posting like diz...

  6. hey ya priyanka..i hav been der..such a nice place of tranquility!!!chanceless!!u can get into utopia if u go der!!so don miss 2 go der f u get a chance :)

  7. yes yaar.. i have been there, these photos were taken by me only. i wish i can go there again..:)


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