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Monday, August 11, 2008


This day was/is very special to India...
Abinav Bindra of 25 from Chandigarh bagged the Olympic Gold medal that an Indian won nearly after 28 years who holds an Masters degree in Business Administration and a CEO of the comapny 'Abhinav Futuristics' in bangalore....

He was the youngest contestant in Sydney Olympics where he broke the olympic record in shooting but failed to win in the finals...
In the winning ceremony, he maintained his calm and composure. But when he was interviwed i felt he was showing off... n his felow members were also keeping him away from the media... i just dont know wat wud have happened if he wud have answered few more answers???

But he made a nice quote which i admired and its ... " U need to believe india and its power"

The day had another fine start wid Saina Nehwal entering into Quarterfinals, another great day for Indians...
But v Indians r exctied so much about just one medal!!! day to night i was finding the same news again n again repeating every 30 mins or 45 mins... i was just wondering what will happen if indians start bagging laurels like USA or China???


  1. Hmm Nice Info Priyanka :) :)

    hmm .... pavam pa scene potu pogatum :D :D :D

    Nice quote :) :)

    hey sure u r going to bag gold medals next time na :) :) Bright Future is there for India :) :)

  2. yes priyanka was indeed a very special day to all of us :)hey then im not sure if bindra is calm or showing off but im sure tht his company will get more international orders :)

  3. hm.... ok nive.. i guess badminton vl b nice na.. but sania irukkale :( just suggest me some sport la...

    hm...prasanna well u r right... n moreover our Railway minister LALLUJI have thought of making him brand ambassador for INDIAN RAILWAYS!!!!!

  4. Thora(nee thaan) vara vara neriya info laam kudukireenga..
    very gud..go ahead priyanka...

  5. heyyy :):):) too felt initially that he was showing off...but once i visited hisblog and found that it was in is nature...he says he needs his own space and didnt feel all that comfi with the attention...
    but still he could have shown a little more happiness..that way we would like him mor...
    guess what we've won two more prediction came true!!!
    nice post!! think alike!

  6. This should boost everyone's morale!

  7. yes kamal n Harry u were right... its been nice that v have got 2 more indians bagging medals!!!! both in wrestling!!!

    I was very happy wen Sushil Kumar bagged the bronze, one reason might b tht he shares my father's name!!! n am happy too tht vjeyandra singh got one, coz it was his first match tht i saw in Beijing Olympics!!!

    Kudos to Indian team...for this is the first time tht v have got 3 medals...


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