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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A fruit vendor, an old man,used to come to our home with his seasons blooms. Its been nearly 10 -12 years that I know him... He toils and so he earns. What I had for him was the sympathy for a hardworking labour, who worked day and night to make his both ends meet. I used to watch him and my dad bargaining over the fruits and atlast they compensate and get satisified with their performance. I just see them and go away.
Year by year I see him, with the same creaking cycle and rusted scale pans, with different fruits ofcourse. Once, when he came home, an uncle was chatting with my father.Uncle said to the old man, "Hello sir, how are you?" and with great humbleness and simple smile, he replied "Am fine, Sir". I was taken aback by the uncle's usage of SIR and gave a surprised look. On what earth, does this old man needs to be felicitated as 'sir'? My uncle on seeing me, went over to the vendor and asked, " What about your son? What is he doing now?
" With the same simplicity and proud smile, he replied "My son is working in Wipro".
"And your daughter?"
"One has completed her MCA, and the other is doing her B.Sc Chemistry".
Oh God, I just didnt expect this... The sympathy turned to a great respect. Even with the financial crisis, he made his children to study. He didnt consider his daughters as burden and infact made them to earn a degree and good name in the surroundings.. After that incident, whenever I meet him in road or shop, I neve failed to smile at him. And behind his every smile, I look the hardwork, determination and commitment that the old man has made...
We think of great people as role models but often we fail to notice that people in our vicinity, are not less than that.


  1. really inspiring... i wonder whether his children still rem him?

  2. yeah..gud..he s not an oldman..he s youngman in his spirits...

  3. Hey ry, ofcourse they vl remember him. His commitment and his love for them vl go over to them also..

    Yes...well said Arthy, he is youngman in his spirits!!

  4. hey gr8...dats really thing can beat a parents heartful love to children without any expectations...such a parents r gr8...

  5. @manithuligal
    hmm.... rite said sis... no thing can beat.. :)


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