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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lord Of the Rings

Hey frens....

After a lot of search, i got the trio of Lord of Rings.... n i say its really worth watching!!!
The movie dwells around the destruction of the ring which creates vice n malice in the bearer.. the fantasies and the unexpectancy vl pull u.... Frodo n his friend Sam (2 hobbits from shire) were assingned for the task of destructing it in the mount of Morado... wid d 7 companions, he set off to do his feat...

Boromir, Arargon - the king, fellow of Argon- Legolas and dwarf friend Gimli, the white wizard Gandalf, two hobbits- Pipin and Merry..

Saruman, the wicked wizard wid all his evil force tries to have a hand of the ring and master the dark world....

In this movie u can see the friendship, love, enemity, leadership, greed, support, cruelty, loyalty, passion, patriotism, excitement, sadness , the wicked , the holy, and the list goes on...

My fav charachters are Sam, Aragorn and his love Arwen Speed..
This movie was fantastic, marvellous and awesome... a must see movie... i vl rate 5 out of 5... thought of reading ts book.. no idea wen i vl get tht in hand..hopefully soooonn!!kudos to the team :)

Have a nice watching!!!!


  1. :) :) s priyanka... nice movie... una vitutu already paathutten hehehe :) :)

  2. Oh ya..I love the trilogy too.I have all three at home! Have you read the book? Better to read it because facts in the movie have been distorted o suit the director's viewpoint:)


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