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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A bond that you share with somebody without any bondage....

In my childhood days, when people used to ask me," who are your friends?", I used to list down my classmates.Then year by year, I started neglecting out those people with whom I felt uncomfortable and those whom I felt bad and adding those whom I felt good and shared a comfort zone with them.
I read a friendship quote, "Tell me about your friend and i will tell about you". But is this the case?? The myth has a proof, where Karnan(the great philanthropist and kind man) was a great friend of Duryodhan.
In this bond, you give much space to your friend, so that he/she can move freely. You trust, share, guide and help them, but you dont try to empower... because everybody entitles to choose or decide in his/her life. This is the lovely thing that i like of a friend. They accept u as what u are... they say na" Like me, like my dog"!!!
Its been just becoming impossible to be without friends.... A smile on their face, glows up my day. Whenever I go online, I search for my friends.. Whenever I go out, I search for them.. hoping that wont i be able to find atleast 3 ?? I fear i got addicted..... addicted to Friendship...
Today is not any special day, but I want to thank my friends who have been there for me, whenever i needed them... Wish u all success, peace and prosperity...


  1. this is the great post.. seems it has come right from ur heart :) i totally agree with u..

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  3. Thanks for the wishes :P
    And especially in these times of boredom friends mean a LOT!

  4. feel happy to b 1 of uf frens.....frensip rocks!!!!!! n rock 4 ever

  5. Nice one :)
    hahaha wat we use to do in temple :)
    s Priyanka ... Friendship cherishes with the smile filled with care, love, understanding etc... :) :)
    Friends are best boost :)

    Our pleasure and wish you the same :)
    HAppy always :)

    Ever Loving Friend
    Nive :)

  6. Thanx RY,kamal,KB n nive for ur support n comment... Take care..
    yes friendshp rocks!!!

  7. True frndship is hard to find...
    wen found its hard to break...

    hmm... this post reminds of our coll life buddy.. :)

  8. haha... well who can forget such a college life yaar... our presentation "Stay Connected" really meant it!!!

    Thnx Giffy.. have a gud time.. n b in touch.. take care..


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