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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A proposal

I see the happiness in your eyes when you find me happy. I feel the care that you fill me with when others don't care to look at me. I saw the excitement and nervousness in you when i went for my first date. You took all the pains to make my first date successful, but you didnt know that a fool is a fool, nothing can work with it. You saw the things that i couldnt see, or i did not want to see. You gave me the attention for which I was never seeking for. You gave me the respect for which I am feeling respectful to myself. You gave me the world that i wished to be in but never thought that i will really go into. For the first time am crazy and i am really glad about it. I know this may sound selfish, but will you make this world permanent to me as it is now?? I promise I wont sing and make things horrible for you, I promse I will learn dancing and I promise that I wont look like a jerk anymore. Will you marry me?

Boy: Only on one condition...

Girl: What?

Boy: Promise me that you will be the same as you are.


  1. hmmmm..very lovely.... :) :) :)
    but we cannot condition or agree for a forever love...

    love may grow or decline by time...
    but loving moment is only precious...
    any guy or gal can keep loving..instead asking for same love to be continued...

    bcoz,loving is the only way to keep our partner with ourselves..rather than conditioning to stay as same :D :D :D

  2. superb priyanka:)

    "will you make this world permanent to me as it is now??" --nice line..

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  4. hello madam kalkuringa...! superb da..k k tell me who is tat lucky guy 1st?..

  5. @ Experiencing

    Lovely lines akka.. Ur lines were perfect.. "loving moments are precious". What i tried to tell here was the pain the girl is taking in order to change herself to make his life less miserable. ;)

    Anyways tht was amazing from u sis.. :) n thnx for ur lovely comment :)

  6. @Janaki

    Thank u yaar.. hope u enjoyed the post.

    he he.. ellam unga company la irunthu thaan!!! Thnx la :) unta sollama irupena.. even i dont know :P

  7. A proposal from a girl...hmm thats strange :P
    Nalla feeel panni eludhirrukka...but the last line could have been even more powerful....
    jus my two paise...but d first para was awesome!

  8. @Kamal
    this was just an experiment.. vl improve next time.. Thnk u :)

  9. that was a good proposal !!! i have taken notes frm this :P

  10. @ r y
    hahah.. notes from my article!! pleased :)

  11. The last line from the boy is what love is all about......
    accepting him or her as they are.........
    isn't it?
    well said.......

  12. hm..ya as the saying goes na "Love me love my dog!!"

    thank u very much Venky :)

  13. Nice done.. but aren't the ladies too taxing in a relationship ?? they are the one who expect the most out of a relationships... although it was nice written but i wonder it being done in practicality...

    I wonder if the girl was very desperate to enter into a relationship and hence she accepted the condition ... a careful thought would have thrown the proposal into peices.. :D

    My thoughts aren't even infected by love as of now .. i think it might change if it does ;)

  14. @Whacky
    haha.. well, let me tell u what i feel about a relationship. Each person has to give 100% to make the relationship work 100%. Taxing?? well tht was new to me!
    If a boy proposes it is love and if a girl proposes its desperation, huh?? not fair!! Lets c.. if there is such thing do inform me.. :)

    n thnx for the comment, makes me feel good tht the post has made you to think so much!

  15. There are girls as well as guys who expect to stretch the other gender to its max and test their elasticity... which made me wonder that way..

    Aren't the gals supposed to be shy ??? :P

  16. @grumblings
    fine.. lemme remind u.. u r in 2009!!

  17. First paragraph was awesome priyanka! Enjoyed it exhaustively :)

  18. yup taxing....agreeing wid whacky on dis :P

  19. @Kamal
    hm... u want to have a relationship, u comment on it and u want it to go on ur way!!! ye kya baat hui bhai?

  20. I see the happiness in your eyes when you find me happy. I feel the care that you fill me with when others don't care to look at me...m speechless.....superb n touching...

  21. It was a nice read. Very cute confession!

    P.S. I was going through your posts (also your other blog 'bakwas bandh kar') and girl, you really have a good sense of humour. The style of writing is very good. It seems like you've been blogging since a long time now. I shall read them one by one. Keep writing! :-) (And thanks for your comment on my blog)

  22. @ Karthik
    Thank u very much Karthik :)

    I have been in blogspot for past 2 years, but seriously into it since the last year.. Thnk u again Karthik. I hope u vl like the other articles too n let me know abt them!

    Most welcome :)


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