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Friday, June 5, 2009

Sorry God...

A child kneels, "Hey God, will you forgive me??"

God : "For what my dear child?"

Child, "Sorry God, I was busy with my sis as she came here after a long time, so only couldnt meet you.

Sorry God, I bathed late, so only couldnt meet you.

Sorry God, some guests arrived, was bit busy with them, so only couldnt meet you.

Sorry God, my parents were in a great tiff and I was worried, so I couldnt meet you.

Sorry God, I had to party, so I couldnt meet you.

Sorry God, wasnt in mood that day, so couldnt meet you.

Sorry God, just feeling sleepy, so couldnt meet you."

God laughed and said,"Is this all you were worried of?? No problem child. There are still many who look upon me as if I have comitted sin by creating them. Am happy that you atleast thought of me in these circumstances."


  1. @ priyanka

    A child's prayer always has a memorable rhyming tune! I felt that after I read ur and nice one :)

  2. @rajesh

    thnx yaar...ur comments r always welcome :)

  3. nice post yr :) made me to think a lot about my own prayers :(

  4. very nice ma...this shows tat how we always ask excuse to god..and always god is ready to forgive us.

  5. @prasanna
    ya.. this post is very much for u.. i hope atleast from now, you wont make excuses!

    @ Princy

    thnx yaar.. true indeed...

    the person who loves us always forgives us :). once a teacher told a story of a child stealing money from a box of his mother. Every time his mother comes to know, he apologizes and his mom also forgives him. But as the days went, this became his habit, n he was no more an honest or a comitted person..

  6. thanks for the good post rating (9/10)

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  7. nice priyanka...:)
    "Am happy that you atleast thought of me in these circumstances"...
    makes us to feel for our mistakes...yeah??:)

  8. Cute apologies :) :)
    being like a child is cute right? :) :)
    come on let us bring back our days :) :) :)

  9. yaa...vry nice post priyanka:)..hmm most of us remember him nly wen v got sme xam or on d day of result!!!:D...hmm need 2 change a lot..hope dis post has kindled one or few 2 change demselves:)

  10. @ nive

    ya nive.. missing childhood very much yaar!!


    hope so..i have seen many a people who dont bother to goto temple on free days, but go during exam times..i believe that if a person doesnt go on anyother day, then why to go during exam days?

  11. I'm damn sure evens kids these days aren't this innocent ;)

    I'm glad that i hoped into your blog..

    I wish you could enable commenting through OpenID too.. I blog with WP and i'm having trouble finding my Blogger account password :(

  12. @vacker
    thnx for ur comment :) not all kids, but some kids r still..

    The enabling has been done :) thnx for mentioning.

  13. vara vara ne romba philosophical ayitu vara :D
    It was a good read!

  14. Beautiful layout....(its better than the last one gal:)
    Abt your 55 word fiction...very very touching...a tad too serious but really nice because its the truth of life...happens to countless people everyday....
    You know are a beautiful person at heart. i know that from your writings. I would love to meet you someday if possible...

  15. whoa! What seriousness. But with a purpose...I loved this!:)

  16. @Mithe
    that was really a very very lovely thing from u Mithe... Very rare do people say from their heart abt one's feelings and one of them is you. n its very rare tht one hears such things and can express anything in joy! Even i would love to meet you. I had searched u in orkut before a couple of months (thts the only social networking site am in!), but cudnt trace u..

    Am glad tht u liked this post :)


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